Invisalign to Correct Spacing That Traditional Braces Left Unfixed.

I had braces from about 15-17. Once the braces were taken off there was always a small triangular gap in the area underneath my gum and in between my two front teeth that was never corrected. Two front teeth were still at a slight angle (touching at thebottom). The orthodontist claimed that this was as straight as they would ever get. Now I am 22 and the two front teeth are no longer touching at the bottom. Is Invisalign or Veneers for the front teeth only a better choice to correct the gap?

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Gap Fix with Invisalign

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Invisalign is often the perfect approach to the very problem that you are describing.

The latest Invisalign attachment designs can move the teeth in such a way

as to close gaps not only at the chewing edges of the teeth, but at the gumline 

as well.  Sometimes a little smoothing of the sides of the teeth is necessary to

make this happen, and sometimes adding a little bit of composite material, 

called bonding, helps too!


Marcus Whitmore, DDS

Dallas, TX

Closing gaps with Invisalign

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I would strongly advise against enamel destructing veneers. The gap that you may have is when 2 triangular front teeth, that may have been overcrowded initially, have been straightened and only meet at the biting edges. This is because 2 triangles meeting at their bases will leave a triangular space at the gum level.

With Invisalign it is possible to smooth away some of the contact points of the 2 teeth, creating a small straight gap, and then using Invisalign to bring the teeth together.

It may not completely obliterate the gap, but it is certainly better than obliterating the enamel off the front teeth.


The braces and the Invisalign is not able t treat the gaps

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This is the most common complain of the patients after getting the braces or Invisalign. the gaps ,Chipped Enamel or very minor irregularities should be fixed with the bonding of the veneers. In your case the treatment of choice is the veneers. Get it done perfect and have the nice teeth forever.

Bruce Vafa, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Both Invisalign and Veneers can improve your smile.

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Invisalign is excellent at correcting small discrepancies in tooth alignment or spacing, but in your case the tissue contour and contact area would have to be evaluated to see if this is a good solution.  If tooth shape or tissue height is a factor, then veneers or bonding could be the best solution.

Small gaps are a challenge with braces

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Orthodontics is a fantastic method to move teeth large distances or rotate teeth.  When gaps or spaces are small, they can be closed but difficult to stay in place.  Normally some form of restoration is needed, whether tooth colored bonded material or bonding a wire.

Some gaps are due to the curves and shape of teeth, so while the teeth are touching a gap or triangle shaped space remains.  Porcelain veneers are usually best for this, as they can correct the shape, color and length of teeth very easily.

Invisalilgn vs veneers for closing a gap between the front teeth

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In general, closing a gap with Invisalign is preferable to veneers because it is a more natural way to close the gap.  The teeth can be moved together, and the gap -- even one near the gumline -- can be closed and then held closed with a retainer after the Invisalign treatment is finished.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Correcting the Gap between front teeth

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Hi. . . If you want to alter the shape of your front 2 teeth, then the Veneers may be a better option. It seems that if you had contact at the bottom of your teeth, that your teeth are tapered toward the top and that to fully correct your "black triangle" your would want to get veneers to alter the shape so that there is more contact between the front two teeth, and thus less of a black triangle. I would recommend seeing a dentist who can look at your teeth and then advise you.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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