Invisalign or Other Options to Correct Gapped Smile?

I don't know the correct term for the problem with my teeth but I hate the gap between the bottom and upper teeth - it makes me conscious about smiling. I would like to avoid traditional braces but would be open to Invisalign, would this work for me if not are there are other options for me?

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More info needed but in general........

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I am afraid the pictures are not clear and also more data is needed for proper diagnosis!!

In general.....

From what I see you have an open bite problem. Now there are a host of reasons why you might have that! One could be skeletal...what that means is that there is uneven growth between upper and lower jaws. Secondly, it could be habit related, e.g, tongue thrusting habit, thumb sucking etc.

The treatment depends upon the under lying cause....

Invisalign is just another way of moving teeth. It works the same way as conventional braces. Some teeth movement might be challenging due to the fact that the aligners are plastic. But overall these are more esthetic. Only catch is that the treatment depends upon you to wear the aligners full time (23 hours) for the treatment to be successful.

I would recommend that you see an Orthodontist for a thorough evaluation. Once all the data is collected and reviewed by an orthodontist they can give you a definitive treatment plan.

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