Can Invisalign Correct and Overbite and Slight Crowding? (photo)

I go to university in TX but my family and insurance coverage is in NJ. Would Invisalign be a better answer seeing as I come home only 1 or twice a year? I wasn't sure if my teeth required radical movement that would be to much without traditional braces.

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Getting Treatment Where You Live is Best

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Although Invisalign lends itself to longer intervals between appointments, I always advise my patients to get treatment where they are spending the bulk of their time. If you are a student in Texas you should seek treatment in  Texas so that your doctor will be accessible to oversee your treatment on a regular basis (even with aligners). Unless you have some insurance plan that is different than what we have here in New Mexico, you should be able to have anyone provide your treatment regardless of where you are. Now if it is a plan and there are no providers in Texas, I'd either pay out of pocket to do it locally, or wait until you return to New Jersey. The success of your treatment is far more important that the speed or cost. Good luck!

Albuquerque Orthodontist

Invisalign as an option for overbite

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It appears from your photos that you have what we term a deep overbite.  This often requires moving teeth in an upward or downward direction which invisalign does not generally correct well.  Traditional braces usually treat this type of situation much more efficiently and more predictably.  You should talk to someone who is experienced in both methods.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

Invisalign possibilities long distance

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From your pictures, Invisalign is definitely a possibility but you need to be evaluated by an Invisalign provider to be sure it is the best way.  This treatment could be done long distance, but it would be better to find a provider near where you are going to school.  Many insurance plans will pay out of state for procedures due to school.  Check this out.  If done long distance, you will need to go home every 2 to 3 months to get things checked, but it would be better to have a dentist close to you treat you so that if an aligner starts not fitting, or if an attatchment comes off, or if interproximal reduction is needed, he could take care of this sooner (the ideal is for the dentist to check aligners every 6 weeks).  Good Luck!

Invisalign Case

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From the photos you have taken invisalign appears like it may be a good option but further diagnostics and a full professional work-up to be sure.  Invisalign is good for long distance treatment situations like yours BUT, it should be firmly established that you make visits at established intervals and have a plan in place to monitor sot that time is if trays stop fitting properly and are not doing what they are supposed to.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Treated out of town?

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Invisalign is a great way to treat someone out of town as there are no emergencies such as broken wires and loose brackets to deal with and you can go into temporary retention anytime you have to if you don't make it back to your doctor on time

as to your problem....these type of photos are just not good enough to tell if you are a good to see an orthodontist who does a lot of Invisalign for the answer..good luck

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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