Invisalign - Conflicting Advice?

I am a 42 year-old female. I never wore braces. My teeth are relatively straight, but I have an overjet of about 5 or 6. I've had consultations with 2 orthodontist (both of whom offer Invisalign) who recommend traditional braces only and my own dentist (who does many Invisalign cases - about 100 per year) and of course recommends Invisalign. My dentist appears to never turn down an Invisalign case, which worries me. Do orthodontists tend to not recommend Invisalign for overjets? Could it work?

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Invisalign - Conflicting Advice

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General dentist are not trained in moving teeth and have limited knowledge of it. They can only do Invisalign, which is why they recommend it for every patient, whether they are a good candidate for it or not. Orthodontist will give you a recommendation based on what you actually need not based on their own limitations. You always want to go with the recommendation of the specialist.

New York Orthodontist

Invisalign for a 42 yr old

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Dear enquirer,

you are a 42 yr old lady who has never worn braces. Why? because you never liked them. Your teeth are relatively straight so no bother to you. Then why would you want to wear ugly braces for the next year?

I am a general dentist and I have done over 740 full arch Invisalign cases. I see about 120 patients every year and I can only  think of 1-2 patients a year out of hundreds and hundreds of consultations that I cannot treat.

My advice is that you do not really need metal braces as your overjet is mild. I have treated 12mm overjets with Invisalign.

Now as an orthdontist or Invisalign dentist, if the dentist can treat you with Invisalign then metal braces should not be an option.

If you are worried about your Invisalign dentist then ask him to show you similar cases and if he has done them then he can treat you.


Stick with the orthodontist

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Invisalign is a great tool for moving teeth but it has some limitations.  Tradtional brackets allow an orthodontist to have more control in the movement of your teeth, and may be better for your case. The 2 orthdontsists you have seen have gone to years of extra schooling to specialize in this, and I would trust their judgement over an experienced Invisalign Dentist.


Bradley Matthew, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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