Okay to Do Invisalign with Condyle Fracture?

I fractured my condyle on left side (relatively minor) in July of 2011. I spent 6 weeks in brackets and rubberbands while my jaw and joint healed to ensure that my bite was aligned. I am more concerned with my bite being perfect (although the cosmetic correction will be nice). I do have TMD/TMJ and clench/grind. Invisalign projects 21 aligners at my ClinCheck today (10/3). Are there concerns or questions I should be addressing/asking before I get aligners? Could it cause more problems?

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Invisalign and Condylar fracture

Invisalign may be your best answer. It is worth schedualing a consult with a nearbye Invisalign expert. Which can be found at invisalign.com by typing in your zip code

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Bracket orthodontics is more predictable with dealing with TMJ/TMD

Often the way to alleviate TMJ discomfort requires movement of teeth that Invisalign has difficulty doing.  While Invisalign CAN do these movements, it takes longer.  It is likely the clincheck is simply showing teeth in better alignment, but that does not mean the TMJ will be helped.  

If "perfect" is the goal, you may be frustrated with Invisalign.

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