Which would you recommend; Invisalign or Braces? (photo)

I am contemplating getting braces before i get veneers. However my dentist is telling me she would not be able to fix my crossbite with invisalign just shift the teeth out of the edge to edge bite. My orthodontist on the other hand says it can be corrected with braces. Both would be on for about a year or so, the cost is about the same, so than does this mean traditional braces are better? i thought it was all the same but now i am confused so what is the best option for me?

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Invisalign or braces for crossbite

From what I can tell from looking at your pictures Invisalign should be able to correct the crossbite of the front teeth.  Depending on various factors, it's possible that braces might work a little better.  In order to answer your question I suggest that you visit an orthodontist who is comfortable with both Invisalign and braces.  That way you'll get better answer to your question.

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Braces vs invisalign

Yes sometimes braces can do things that Invisalign cannot but Invisalign is getting better and better each year.  What is important to do is to find an orthodontist who likes and uses Invisalign in addition to regular braces.  Some orthodontists prefer to use braces and use Invisalign only for easy cases and patients who refuse regular braces, so they would try to talk you into braces if they could.  Finding someone who likes both techniques and you should get a true answer to your question

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