Which Between Invisalign and Braces Straightens Teeth Faster?

Which makes your teeth straighter faster, Invisalign or braces? I want to know how can my teeth can get straighter faster in a shorter period of time.

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It really depends on the situation

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While wires can be more predictable, they aren't always faster. Since all the teeth are connected, wires use leverage from the other teeth to get the job done. Sometimes this leverage affects the leveraged teeth, so THAT needs to be addressed too.

Invisalign can work on one tooth at a time (if the case allows). However, this can be slow. Also, if the teeth don't track as planned, a mid-course correction would be needed, so there would be a wait time while the new aligners were made. Wires can simply be bent differently or brackets moved, all in a single visit.

I have had some cases where the Invisalign seemed to have done the job faster than had we done wires, but it is hard to say for sure. Proving it would be a challenge. If I was to guess, I would say that wires would be faster for most cases.

Treatment Time for Invisalign and Braces

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The treatment time will vary from case to case. From my personal experience, it seems that Invisalign may work a little more quickly than traditional braces. 

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