Do I Need Invisalign to Correct my Bottom Teeth?

I have been told that I need Invisalign braces to correct two bottom teeth that are now growing into the other teeth. I was told that this is caused by aging and losing bone mass. I was told that if I did not use the Invisalign braces, the teeth would eventually fall out. Is this true? What other options do I have?

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Invisalign to correct bottom teeth

I often find that patients with crowding will develop gum problems which can develop into bone loss. It is usually challenging for patients to clean around teeth that are crowded, rotated, overlapped or twisted and so bacteria builds up in those areas, causing gum disease and eventually periodontal (bone) disease. This bone loss can cause tooth loss over time. Invisalign to straighten out the teeth can be the most conservative treatment option. Other options include conventional orthodontics, bonding, porcelain veneers.

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