Am I a Candidate for Invisalign Brace with 10year Old Root Canals? (photo)

Hi, Invisalign braces be taken when I have 10year old RCTd teeth 24 and 25 for closing diastema. Also I have a crown on RCTd lower right 2nd molar. Because of 24,25 sometimes I cannot bite properly, they move occasionally. Please reply. Thanks

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Check the Health of the Root Canals Before Invisalign

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There is no problem moving teeth that have been root-canaled previously provided the root canals have resolved the disease and there is no recurrence. You want to make sure that the disease has been arrested so that you don't get a flare up while in braces or Invisalign. Your dentist or your orthodontist may went to do some tests and get more pictures before giving those teeth the OK for Invisalign.

Allentown Orthodontist

Invisalign still works on Root canaled teeth...but

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You will need to have these two teeth evaluated for the gum and bone issues that appear on the xrays. If they are loose on occasion that is a sign of unhealthy conditions. Get them treated and then you are free to do Invisalign to straigten them up and improve your bite..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

More treatment than Invisalign is likely needed

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Not to be a pessimist, but one of the teeth is structurally weak.  The tooth closest to the middle is more restoration than tooth (above bone) and will require a crown.  The edge of the crown should be at least 2 mm from the edge of bone and the current filling material is already AT the level of bone.  There is angular bone loss towards the middle (the mesial side) and a shadow at the tip of the tooth (the shadow may mean the infection has returned or the lesion never healed from the initial treatment).  Crowning the tooth would likely require a crown lengthening surgery to remove bone, but that may compromise adjacent teeth.  Some of the movement you report is likely from the level of bone loss already present, which may get worse.

What this means is that Invisalign should work fine, but at some point you should plan on replacing this tooth after it is lost.  An implant would be a great choice while you still have bone present and can be done after Invisalign is complete.

Invisalign candidate

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You look to be an excellent candidate for invisalign from your x-rays.  It is interesting that you have 3rd and 4th!! molars on the top arch.  4th molars are rare - I would guess the incidence is less than one in 1000 individuals.  Unfortunately, if you want to invisalign it will likely be recommended to have both the 3rd and 4th molars extracted.  This is so that the trays will fit completely over your upper teeth.  It seems you already had your lower 3rd molars out.  Your root canals and crown should pose no hinderance to your treatment.  I am guessing you want to close the gap in the front...

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Crowns and root canals with Invisalign?

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Assuming that the root canals and crowns are in good shape they will not interfere with either braces or Invisalign!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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