Can I Get Invisalign for my Bottom Teeth Only?

I have a permanent bridge on my upper front teeth. Will invisalign work for me?

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It's the same fee for bottoms only

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The bridge won't move as its already been addressed by other Dr's but you can still put an aligner on your upper teeth to correct the non bridged teeth.

Los Angeles Dentist

INvisalign will not move your bridge

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Hi!  Invisalign will not move the bridge as the teeth are splinted together. Invisalign will move other teeth in your arch that are not part of your bridge. If you want to move a tooth that is in the bridge, the bridge will need to be sectioned and then invisalign will be able to move the tooth.

I would recommend speaking with your general dentist who will devise a treatment plan for your entire mouth, i.e. what teeth need to be moved, what teeth need to be restored, what you want from the treatment, how best you will function, etc.  The general dentist will then send you to see an orthodontist who will evaluate how best to move the teeth according to your treatment plan.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

Invisalign can still work with bridges

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Often the bridgework won't move, but the other teeth will.  Sometimes it is good to control all of the teeth in the case to allow movement of other teeth.  This applies to implants as well.  Since they won't move at all, it is important to plan the case with that in mind.

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