Invisalign Before or After Black Triangle Fixed?

I am thinking of having Invisline. I have an implant on the UR1 (upper right front tooth), and I now have a dark triangle there, as there is bone lost. Should I have this fixed first, before invisiline or after? I really want this dark triangle to disappear, as it really shows in photos.

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Wait to get Invisalign till after

The Implant and tooth on top of it cannot be moved with Invisalign or any other braces. It's in a fixed position.

So, what you do is move all the teeth around it and leave room for another new crown after Invisalign is done. Then when you have the new implant crown done, they can fix the black triangle with a properly sized crown.

Be sure to tell your DDS that you want a new crown AFTER the work is done, then he can put that into your workup.

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