Invisalign Attachments. Would I Get the Same Answer From A Different Ortho?

My clincheck shows i need attachments on my upper incisors and front teeth as well as a number on my bottom teeth. My orthodontist said I have nice teeth- my only issue are the two upper incisors overlapping my front teeth and a lower incisor that is tilted inward. I'm Who determines where the attachments are placed- is it Invisalign or the orthodontist? Would I get the same number and placement of attachments with another orthodontist? Are the outcomes standard regardless of the orthondist ?

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Attachments during invisalign

The attachments during invisalign are placed in order to move teeth in a certain direction.  If you do not placed an attachment the teeth will not move at all.  Most of the things that Invisalign does is somewhat standard unless your dentists is requesting specific movements that may be different than what another dentist is requesting.  They are required and I would not worry about where they are placed.

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Invisalign attachments


Having attachments is a part of doing Invisalign. They are required to assist in creating the force vectors required to move teeth is certain directions. Attachments are placed in one of two ways, either the computer software recognizes movements that require attachments base on an algorithm or they are placed by the orthodontist recognizing a need for them. The number and placement will therefore be dictated by the plan for tooth movements. These movements can be dictated by the orthodontist or left to a technician in Costa Rica to decide where the teeth should be. This is why there is a difference in who is doing your Invisalign treatment. The more experienced and educated your provider the better your outcome will likely be.


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Invisalign Attachments: What Are They Used For?

Invisalign attachments are planned based on the patient's (or doctors) treatment goals.  Attachments are needed for certain tooth movements.  Chances are if you are seeing an orthodontist, he or she knows a lot about tooth movement and can probably use even more attachments to better achieve your goals.  You can opt to do the treatment without the attachments, however in doing so you're accepting the risk that your treatment goals will not be accomplished as well.

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Invisalign is a major factor

You likely would get a very similar plan from another orthodontist, at least at first.  Sometimes we can email Invisalign saying we want to make changes to the plan, and sometimes the changes are acceptable.  Sometimes there is just no avoiding attachments, though.

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