Can I Opt to Not Have Invisalign on Top Teeth?

I had attachments put on my lower teeth today, but wanted to wait for the top. I am supposed to get 3 of them on the top, but REALLY don't want them for several reasons. Can I refuse to have Invisalign on my upper teeth? Will the Invisalign still work? My top teeth have very little problems to begin with.

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Not Recommended!

Treating only one arch is really short-changing yourself. It does not give the Dr. the freedom he needs to fully straighten your teeth. If a lower tooth is hitting an upper tooth, then it will never move. So we move teeth slightly during treatment to allow other teeth to move into position.

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Yes, you can just treat one arch with Invisalign

Although you can treat only one arch with Invisalign if you choose, don't expect a price break. The dentist's overhead doesn't change just because you want to treat only one arch.

The results might be compromised a little, too. The position of the upper teeth sometimes dictate where the lower teeth can be moved.

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