Invisalign Attachments Keep Falling off, 3rd Time in 2 Weeks?

Within my first 2 weeks of Invisalign treatment, I have already went to my dentist 2 times (1st time 3 fell off) 2nd time (2 fell off). And now, I need to call for the 3rd time since another 2 fell off. My dentist is nice and helps me to put all the missing attachments back on but I just feel very inconvenience that I have to go for the 3rd time, which almost all of the attachments on my teeth have been replaced once already. Is there any way that can help to reduce the chance of falling off?

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Invisalign attachments keep falling off

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Most attachments stay on unless they are on porcelain crowns.  If not a crown then it maybe something related to the bonding procedure.  Speak to your dentists about your concerns.

Attachments falling off

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Properly placed attachments do not fall off....but the placement procedure is very technique senstive...

Find out if a new assistant was helping the doctor place the attachments...done right they will not fall off!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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