Invisalign Attachments: Extra Resin / Bonding Acceptable? (photo)

I just got my attachments & was disappointed to have all this extra resin / bonding AROUND the attachments. Is this amount of "flash" (I did some research & think this is what it's called) acceptable? Won't even 1mm of extra bonding negatively affect how my aligners fit and thus my treatment? If there's extra surface between the enamel and the aligner, that wasn't anticipated, doesn't that hurt my treatment & change the movement? It's on all of them, but hard to photograph... PLEASE help, Thx!

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Invisalign Attachments that need polishing

When attachments are added there is usually a thin amount of flash or composite. This can be easily removed by the dentist with a high speed drill.

The attachments are no bigger than 2-3mm across.

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