Invisalign for Open Bite Correction?

Can I use Invisalign to correct my anterior open bite, with an overjet of 7 mm and overbite of 4 mm at the age of 42 years? I used a Hawley appliance in Feb 2003 and stopped using it in August 2003.

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Invisalign and openbites

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Invisalign can be used to close bites and recent studies are showing that long term stability is better with Invisalign than with braces. Having said this severe openbites are more predictably closed with braces but frequently require extraction of teeth or jaw surgery to fully correct, especially in adults who are no longer growing. Openbites are probably the most challenging problem orthodontist’s face in their practices. Good luck with your treatment.

Germantown Orthodontist

Yes you can.

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I have done plenty of cases where we have minimized or completely closed the open bite situation. Many times people are okay with a reduction in their open bite situation. Invisalign can achieve this. Of course without having the luxury of your pictures, it's really difficult to give an accurate answer.....all I can say is that it's done a lot to a certain degree.

Invisalign is probably not the best option

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It is extremely difficult to extrude teeth using Invsialign.  Therefore, open bite corrections are not good Invisalign cases.  You would certainly have more predictable treatment with bracket/wire treatment.

Daniel W. Schiavone, DDS
Rochester Dentist

Consult an Orthodontist

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In your particular case, you may want to consult an orthodontist to determine if traditional braces would be a better option for you. Anterior open bites are more complex and in some cases may require surgery

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
Manhattan Dentist

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