How will low bone density affect my teeth during invisalign treatment?

I am a 37 yo female who just started Invisalign 10 days ago. 7 yrs ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis (cause unknown) and was even on a 2 year course of Actonel for it. My dentist was made aware of this prior to Invisalign. I just read that bone density determines success rate. Should my dentist have even allowed me to begin treatment in the first place? How will low bone density affect my teeth during treatment? My teeth seem to be responding well so far (moving as they should)

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Bone density and orthodontic treatment

It is not bone density that is the problem but that the drugs used to treat low density reduce the speed of bone turnover.  This in turn has the effect of slowing down the speed of tooth movement.  Movement is generally still possible but treatment can take longer and the final goal may need to be compromised.

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