Getting Invisalign after already having braces a few years ago. Should I have teeth removed? What would you do? (Photo)

The orthodontist recommended removing 2 teeth prior to having my braces installed but my dad wouldn't let me. After I had them removed I was lax about wearing rubber bands and retainers (& lost them). I still have overcrowding, an overbite and a misaligned bite (bottom two teeth are off-center; bit of a gap b/w my top/bottom teeth on my left side) possibly due to these very reasons. I was thinking about getting Invisalign to perfect my smile. Should I also have teeth removed before getting them?

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Slight Overjet, Should I Remove Teeth Before Doing Invisalign?

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I would NOT remove any teeth before retreating your orthodontics. If you do, you will be extremely unhappy with the results. You will end up with a narrow smile, decreased lip support and possibly a change in the shape of your face. Invisalign would realign your teeth and leave you with a broad beautiful smile without extracting teeth, but your retruded lower jaw will still be retruded. 

Your upper front teeth have been over retracted in an effort to decrease your overjet but making your upper teeth fit an overly retruded lower jaw is not the optimal way of fixing your problem. If you were my patient, I would torque your upper front teeth outward to their ideal location (increase the overjet) then bring your lower jaw forward (using a comfortable appliance). This way you eliminate your overjet and properly align your teeth without extracting teeth and without aligning upper teeth to a misaligned lower jaw.

Good luck!

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