Will Invisalign Affect the Health of my Mouth?

I am concerned with the health of my mouth, and although I want straight teeth, and spent lots of $, I want to make sure that the aligners' flaws will not affect the health of my mouth. 1. Will the sharp edges and constant cutting and hitting of the aligner will affect my taste buds? 2. How safe is having this plastic in my mouth 24/7? 3. Will my teeth fall out with all the pulling out of the aligners? 4. Will the increased brushing and flossing damage my enamel or gums? Please help!

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Invisalign affect on the health of the teeth

Any kind of straightening that you do can only make your teeth healthier in the long term.

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Invisalign & the Health of Your Mouth

1. There should not be sharp edges on the trays that are cutting or irritating. They should not affect your taste buds.

2. The plastic material is safe to wear

3. No, your teeth will not loosen or fall out.

4. Increased brushing and flossing can only help your teeth!

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