Can you get inverted nipple surgery and breast augmentation on the same day?

& if so would the total cost be cheaper because you only have to go under anesthesia once?

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Performed simultaneously

It is possible to perform both breast augmentation and nipple correction at the same time. There may be a discount applied by doing this however you would have to talk to the surgeon you'd like to have perform your surgery as price really varies. 

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Can you get inverted nipple surgery and breast augmentation on the same day?

Yes, these procedures can be done together. Generally speaking, costs of surgery will likely be decreased when combination procedures are performed. Best wishes.

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Correction of inverted nipple with breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  Although nipple inversion can be treated during the course of breast augmentation I prefer to do this procedure as a second procedure after breast augmentation.My reasoning is that the presence of a breast implant can improve nipple inversion and will in most cases change the anatomy of your nipple areola.  In addition I am concerned that the second procedure on the nipple areola region could possibly lead to other complications of the breast augmentation.


Yes, they can be done together; however, I prefer to perform these procedures separately due to the increased potential for infection and nipple necrosis with performing both procedures together.  Nipple inversion correction can be done under local anaesthesia and doesn't require going to the main OR.  A staged approach is preferred in my practice, but many people will do the 2 procedures together.

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