Inverted Nipple and A Lump Like Thing On My Breast?

I am 16 years old and i can feel a lump like a soft thing in my left breast and my both the breast has inverted nipples but when i touch and massage them they become normal. i am afraid that this may be a breast cancer! please help! 

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Inverted Nipple and A Lump Like Thing On My Breast?

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Breast cancer is not unheard of but is exceedingly rare at your age. Inverted nipples are not markers or signs of breast cancer. 

I don't want to give false reassurance over the internet, so best would be a breast exam by your physician. That should relieve any anxiety! All the best. 

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Inverted Nipples and Breast Lump?

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Good for you that you are developing a habit of self breast exam. It will be best for you to seek consultation with your physician in person. Physical examination and possible imaging (such as ultrasound) may be helpful.  Keep in mind, at some point surgical correction of the inverted nipples may be helpful to you.

Best wishes.

A breast lump at age 16

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I am confident that you do not have breast cancer so don't panic. Breasts become very firm and sometimes cystic during puberty when they are changing. Discuss this with your parents and go to your Pediatrician or Gynecologist for a good examination.

Inverted nipples and breast lump

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Hi Dia,

I am glad you are being proactive in doing your self breast exams. I would advise you seek examination by a medical proffessional, ie; OB/GYN or your family practice provider. They will be able to advise you as to what your next step should be. You must be examined! Best wishes,

Dr. H

Know in advance if your family has a history of breast cancer

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