Inverted V Deformity Treatment ~Dermal Fillers?

I have inverted v deformity. I've had 2 previous rhinoplasty procedures and I don't really want to have another one done. My doctor suggested using fillers. Is it safe? And is it a good alternative?

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Fillers for Inverted V deformity

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The answer is yes, injectable fillers are options for your situation.  When used by experienced injectors, and more specifically, experienced rhinoplasty surgeons, they offer a simple and precise alternative to more surgery.  This is not a site for inexperienced injection.

The fillers will last either 6-9 mos for the hyaluronic acid products like restylane or juvederm, or longer for the radiesse products.  Higher on the bridge is safer than injections in the tip, and tend to last longer.  Their ability to camoflage concerns like yours is well known, and very precise.  I think most docs will tend to lean to a surgical solution so that you are healed once and for all, but will admit that fillers can provide impressive results with significant numbers treated.

Revision Rhinoplasty and Inverted V deformity, Do not use fillers

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I would discourage you from having fillers placed in the nose region.

It may cause permanent and irreversible skin damage. It reabsorbs and problem returns.

Please see a revision rhinoplasty specialist. The answer lies in the application of cartilage graft and surgery. Your problem can be fixed!!!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Sajjadian

Fillers for inverted V

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It is extremely difficult to answer your questions without seeing your photos or examining you – it would be very helpful to post images showing your areas of concern - having said that fillers are an OK option as long as done by an experienced provider

Treatment for inverted V deformity

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Using fillers in the nose to fill out the bridge is not a good idea. There have been multiple disastrous results from these types of injections into the skin of the nose, which is why we do not recommend them.  It would be best to consider revision rhinoplasty. 

Fillers are an excellent choice for inverted –V deformities!

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Fillers are an excellent choice for inverted –V deformities! The “inverted V” deformity occurs after hump reduction and represents the edges of the nasal bones pressed against the skin. Placing fillers in the proper plane can smooth the dorsum and greatly improve the nasal contour without the trauma and time required for surgery. It is important however to use the correct filler and place it in the correct area to avoid injury to the skin after rhinoplasty.  

Fillers for Inverted V Nasal Deformity

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The inverted V depression, caused by the separation of the upper lateral cartilages from the nasal bones, can be cosmetically improved with the use of fillers. I would use Radiesse, which will last at least 12-18 months. An experienced revision surgeon can permanently correct the problem.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Dermal fillers for inverted V deformity after rhinoplasty

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Although a corrective surgical procedure by an experienced surgeon should correct your inverted V deformity, dermal fillers may offer you a nice alternative with immediate results.


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Inverted V deformity is caused by seperation of the upper lateral cartilages, giving you a depresion of the cartilage on either side thus the inverted V.

Fillers are over used in rhinoplasty . If you want to use them you need some one experienced and who understand the basic anatomic deformity.

If you want to use fillers try first Haluronic Acid, if you do not like it, because it makes the nose wide, you can disolve the filler( may be expensive)

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Covering up an Inverted V Deformity of Nose

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Regarding : "Inverted V Deformity Treatment ~Dermal Fillers?
I have inverted v deformity. I've had 2 previous rhinoplasty procedures and I don't really want to have another one done. My doctor suggested using fillers. Is it safe? And is it a good alternative
? "

An inverted V deformity is a nose surgery complication in which the upper edges of the Upper Lateral Cartilages are detached from and exposed the front edge of the nasal bones. As the Upper lateral cartilages fall in, the v-shape of the nasal bones to which they are normally attached becomes visible through the skin.

Covering it with fillers should be safe as long as the defect is massive. This will not correct anything but merely postpones a decision to operate and raise the fallen cartilages.

Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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