Invasalign Vs Ceramic Braces After Perio Treatment?

I had perio conditon which has been treated ,is under control now, but I have had bone loss in few areas in the front. But would like to go for invasalingn or braces to correct the space( due to the bone loss). I prefer limited treatment rather than the comprehensive one( i have a slightyly open bite too). One ortho suggests invasalign(says gentle ,easy to clean) and other one suggest ceramic braces (says removal of invasalign aligner multiple times per day is not good). Please help me choose.

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Orthodontic treatment after periodontal condition

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As long as your periodontal condition is under control y you can use either one of the appliances without worrying about damaging your teeth. There are difference between how clear braces and Invisalign work and what each one can do. Braces give the orthodontist much more control, which means they can get much better results fester. When you go for a consultation they should be able to review with you the benefit of each system as it pertains to your case particularly


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Invisalign after periodontal treatment

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Invisalign is a good choice for you as it make it easier to take care of  you teeth (brushing and flossing).. My suggestion would be to find a dentist who is certified in invisalign and who has a very good periodontal program in the office to monitor you and make sure you are maintaining well.  Invisalign can improve periodontal issues as well

Leonard Tau, DMD
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Invisalign by far the BEST choice.

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Invisalign is by far the best choice as the forces are physiologic (the best health wise and not guessed at).  Invisalign allows normal hygiene and creates no food traps or irritation of the gum tissues.  You should find a general dentist who is Invisalign certified and experienced, but most importantly periodontally oriented with emphasis on preventive dentistry.   In our office we have treated many many patients with severe bone loss without causing any additional problem, bone loss,or concern and in fact have improved the periodontal health of these patients.

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