I had a crown placement a week ago. £ days ago I stated getting a mild ache at the crown site.

My toothache is not constant, only intermittent and usually 400mg Advil will ease the ache. It's not sharp pain, only dull and annoying. Is it possible to develop reversible pulpitis (?) three days after the treatment ? My dentist told me that he was 99% certain I wouldn't need a root canal unless I had throbbing pain the day after the procedure........which I did not have. Now I'm worried.......I live in small town with no available dentist. It's a 5 hour flight to the next available dentist :(

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Pain after crown placement

Depending on how deep the cavity was, there can be some discomfort after placing a crown on a teeth.  The chatter from drilling on a tooth can also create a level of nerve pain.  You will want to make certain that your bite is comfortable when biting up/down, grinding patterns, and chewing otherwise your dentist may have to adjust is slightly.  If the pain increases, then will will want to get evaluated for the need of root canal therapy.

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