Is Intubation a Normal Part of Vaser Lipo?

After reading reviews on here, I thought the surgery would be so easy, painless and I'd be back to my regular schedule immediately but I have bruises like I never imagined, covering my mid section, and I was intubated and catheterized without knowing this would happen.

The intubation really hurt and still does. Is this normal procedure to remove 4 lbs or so of fat and normal level of pain?

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Tumescent lipo with Vaser offers faster recovery vs. traditional lipo under general anesthesia

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There is a clear difference between tumescent liposuction using Vaser technology vs. traditional plastic surgery liposuction under general anesthesia. Intubation and IV fluid administration are part of all general anesthesia and may be associated with prolonged trachea abrasion and excess build-up of fluids in the lung.Your clinical scenario illustrates why patients have much quicker recovery with tumescent anesthesia technique by Dr. Jeffrey Klein a couple decades ago. Super-dilated lidocaine mixed with epinephrine utilized in tumescent liposuction technique will minimize bruising. Leaving the 'port holes' unsutured as in tumescent liposuction technique along with consistent compression garment application will facilitate drainage and speed up recovery where most of our liposuction patients can return to work in 5-7 days.

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