Will Intra-capsuler Silicon Implants Rupture Develop into Extra-capsuler over Time? Removal and Replace in One Procedure?

Dear Dr. I have 175cc silicon texture breast implants under the musle for 15 years. a MRI suggested intra-capsuler rupture on the right. I have vey little breast tissue. 1. should the capsule be removed on both sides? risk of not symmetrical if only the right capsule is removed? 2. should an en-bloc removal be done? is it less invasive to removal capsule in pieces? 3. Can i replace the implants in one procudure with the removal or should it be done in 2 stages? 4. would drains be used?

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Breast implant rupture

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Intra-capsular rupture should be removed as enblock with total capsulectomy and replace the implant. This can be done in one procedure. Operating on the opposite breast for achieving symmetry may be needed that decision is made with your doctor at the time of the examination

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Intra-capsular breast implant rupture

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Once an implant is known to have rupture, it is reasonable to consider an exchange or removal. Intra-capsular rupture can advance to extra-capsular rupture, but the time frame over which this happens is highly variable from one patient to another. It is generally advisable to remove the capsule, but this decision is based on many factors that will be determined by your surgeon.

Patti A. Flint, MD
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Breast Augmentation #cosmeticsurgery

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Dear Rainsunshine

With an intracapsular rupture- there is no rush to change the implants unless there has been a change in the breast- or there is evidence of extra capsular leakage of the silicone gel.  When you decide to change the implants- the capsule and implants on both sides should be removed together.  Submuscular capsulectomy can be difficult as the capsule is adherent to the chest wall and rib periosteum. I do not use drains.  Your result should be excellent with removing and replacing your old implants with the new ones.

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Trevor M Born MD

Trevor M. Born, MD
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