Intolerance to Certain Foods After Gastric Bypass

I read a blog where a post-WLS patient couldn't eat meat after her surgery. Is this common? Why does this happen and what are the chances it will happen to me?

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Many patients experience food intolerances after Gastric Bypass

Many patients experience food intolerances, especially to red meat, milk and high fiber foods. It is a good idea to keep a food journal with a list of foods that are and are not well tolerated. Often time food intolerances are temporary, so you may try a food again in a couple of months that was not well tolerated the first time.

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Intolerance to Certain Foods After Gastric Bypass

It is very variable among patients about what they can or can not tolerate.  Dry grilled meats are sometimes difficult but moist stewed meats are usually OK.  It is all trial and error to see what agrees with you.  If having too much difficulty with meats you should have an endoscopy to see if you have a stricture which can be easily fixed with a balloon dilation performed endoscopically.

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