Lower Intestinal Problems After Tummy Tuck

I had tummy tuck and breat augmentation on 20th feb had bad reaction to meds and was left badly constipated and then got partial bowel blockage,used movical to easy the blockage but stil swell every time i eat intestins tighten and harden which is very uncomfortible,i stil cannot go wthout help and am on dulcalox every night ,iv changed my diet drinking plenty of fluids,which makes me swell even more,iv had look on the forums here, but have not seen many other problems like this can anyone help me understand more

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Discuss irregular bowel with your surgeon and physician

This sounds unusual. Constipation tends to be related to narcotic analgesic usage while bloating may be due to irregular bowel flora following antibiotic usage. You may want to try some probiotics in addition to discussing this with your surgeon and physician.

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