Is Intense Exercise to Build Muscle Before Tummy Tuck And/or Body Lift a Good Idea?

I'm 17 & 6'2. used to weight 330lbs the end of 9th grade & that's when I changed. Now I'm 210lbs. I have a lot of loose skin that is nasty. I'm considering a full body lift or tummy tuck in a couple of years. want to look sexy &attractive. doing cardio&weight training. was wondering if I workout in the gym everyday to build every muscle to the fullest like a football player body, which would hide under my loose skin, would that look good after the surgery? Is that a good idea? Will it appear?

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Fitness and Cosmetic Surgery

Be in the best physical shape you can before a tummy tuck or any surgery.  This includes acheiving your desired body weight, especially if you are losing weight and have excess skin to deal with.  The excercise can help with the support and tone of the abdomen, including the rectus muscle.  However, surgery may be the best options to address excess skin, if present.

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Exercise before body contouring

it is always a good idea to be in your best physical shape before surgery.  It is also good to be at a stable point whether its your diet and weight or your exercise program. 

Crash programs are usually not good ideas

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Exercise before tummy tuck

Continue to workout (cardio and weight training) until you are at your goal weight. You will have a better outcome after your tummy tuck or body lift procedure. Take your time and consult with a board certified plastic surgeon when you're ready. Congratulations on your weight loss.

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Body-contouring after weight loss

The most important thing to do after you have successfully lost weight is to achieve your highest level of fitness. I advocate what i refer to as a healthy, stable lifestyle. Muscle tone, not necessarily bulk, is part of the equation and will optimize your health and appearance and make any proposed surgery more predictable and long-lasting. Be sure you can maintain this lifestyle as it does no good to exercise hard, have surgery, then quit exercising and begin to lose tone and gain weight.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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Working out Before Plastic Surgery

Thank you for the question. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your plan to be in the best shape possible prior to your plastic surgical procedures. I think it may improve your recovery,  improve the aesthetic end results, and  provide a springboard to continue after your surgery (to maintain the results you achieve surgically).

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Generally, being athletic with firm muscles, the  you body shape is definitly going to be better. Having any body sculpture surgery on a base of having a firm muscle will give better results. As if you are having TT and abdoimanl muscles are thick and tight, that will reduce the posssiblty of the amount muscle tightening could be needed. In the other body lift  procedures like arms, or thighs, if you have a strong and firm muscles the results will be optimum. so that's  a good idea, but I am not sure is it going to hide the loose skin or the flobbiness you might have that will depend on the examination, but you are not losing instead gaining from this act.

Fatema S. Alsubhi, MD
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