Interval of laser hair removals with LightSheer Duet?

Most sources says 6 weeks, but my derm recommended 4 weeks. Could that be right or should I wait at least 6 weeks? If I do, could I miss the optimal growth phase for hair removal? I'm between a Fitzpatrick 3 & 4; olive, fair in the winter, and dark in the summer (burned I think 4 times in my whole life). I get PIH easily and it fades slowly so I asked my derm to be conservative in selecting the settings. Also, I take spironolactone for hormonal acne. I know it affects hair growth but not really sure how (inhibits hair growth, slows it, etc??) 2nd opinions please?

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Interval for laser hair removal

Intervals for laser hair removal depend less on the laser and more on your rate of growth. 4-6 weeks for face / 8-10 weeks for body is common.

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