What Internal Treatments for Melasma Should I Try?

I have had idiopathic melasma for 4 years. I have spent thousands of dollars at dermatologists for creams, peels, etc. Just looking at the role hormones play in melasma, what natural suppliments, etc. could possibly help me? I am worried about using Triluma, etc., for years on end - and they arent working

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Melasma Treatment

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Unfortunately there are no supplements that will do what a topical bleaching agent can. There is a link to melasma and hypothyroidism, so if you have not already ruled this out that is one thing to consider. One simple thing you can do is  protect your skin from the sun with daily sunscreen use.  You are wise to be concerned about long term use, as there are concerns. In our practice, we recommend our patients do have a "washout period" from hydroquinone every 3 months. 

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