How Will Internal Scars Affect Tummy Tuck?

When I had my c-section 6 years ago and went to have my staples removed, they discovered hematomas behind the staples.

My wound needed to be reopened and then forced to heal from the inside out (without re-stapling). Will those internal scars be a factor when having a Tummy tuck and/or will they be removed?

A mom who wants her belly back.

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Internal scars and tummy tuck

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The only important effect is a longer dissection through the scar tissue during the planned tummy tuck. Otherwise there should be no issues.

Regards from Miami

Tummy tuck after C-section

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Hematomas from a C-section are typically within the skin and subcutaneous tissues. They do cause a stronger scar reaction. Since you had an open wound healing from the inside-out, your scarring will certainly be worse than the average C-section patient. HOWEVER, there will not be a problem with a plastic surgeon performing your tummy-tuck. In general, the entire scarred area should be removable with a tummy-tuck. It is hard to say for sure until you are examined. Don't worry about the hematoma and good luck with your tummy tuck.

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Internal scars will not affect your tummy tuck.

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The internal scarring from an old hematoma may make your tummy tuck a liitle more difficult to do.  But an experienced plastic surgeon can easily handle this, and it will definitely not affect the result. 

The internal scar is opened and partially removed during the abdominoplasty.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Beware the C section

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Dear Mom,

Hematoma following C-section is a known complication and, as noted by one of my colleagues, well known to plastic surgeons. The scarring that occurs from it is generally more extensive than if the hematoma had not occured. However, the only real impact that it has on future tummy tuck surgery is making the operation a little more difficult. Your board certified plastic surgeon can make a determination on this impact when he/she examines you. For now, enjoy Jimmy and when your childbearing days are completely over go get that belly back. Good luck!

Tummy tuck and extensive C-section scars

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The scenario you describe is quite common. Many of my patients have extensive scarring after C-section. The tummy tuck incision is designed to fall in the pubic region, inferior to your C-section scar. All of the scar tissue that developed with your wound healing complication is excised along with the extra skin and fat of your abdominal wall. In addition, the abdominal wall muscles are plicated (tightened) and, in many patients, liposuction is performed to contour the flanks.

An examination by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon would benefit you, to ensure that you're not at risk for bleeding complications once again. Best of luck!

Scars after C-section

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Revision of C-section scars and internal scarring is routinely performed during a tummy tuck. The internal scars are typically removed completely.

You may need to be evaluated for why you had a bleeding spisode; was it a one-time occurrence or do you have a propensity for bleeding? A medical history and possibly blood tests can help determine this. It would be a shame to have a beautiful tummy tuck and have an easily preventable bleeding spisode that would diminish your results.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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C-section scars and Tummy Tucks

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I bet you Jimmy was worth all the pain you went though!

Not to worry. I routinely deal with woman who have abdominoplasties after having C-sections AND it is usually a noncomplicated procedure.

In your case, skin staples were removed to allow fluid (blood) to escape. The wound then healed by what we call SECONDARY INTENTION (PRIMARY INTENTION is the way a stitched wound heals). The resulting scarring at 6 years is usually no more extensive than caused by the tens of thousands of C-section done in the USA every year. Any experienced board-certified Plastic surgeon has seen it many times before and should be able to give you a nice tummy.

Caution - I would NOT have it done if you are planning having a Jimmy number 2. I would wait until you are done having your family though.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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