Internal Scar after transconjuntival bleph, when will it heal?

Hello, I am 2.5 weeks post op. I was washing my face a couple days and I could feel the scar on the left eye. I pressed on it and irritated it so it was swollen the next day. The left eye has always been a little swollen since surgery. I know that it is a scar and it needs to go through stages to heal. I was reading that the eye tissue heals faster because it is very vascular and I was wondering how long it should take until the scar smooths out and heals?

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Healing is a dynamic process

that takes time and also scar quality improves over time.  If there are not progressive symptoms, its best to simply allow yourself to heal and keep your surgeon informed of your concerns as you are seen in follow-up.

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Internal scar after transconjunctival blepharoplasty. When will it heal?

After two and half weeks from surgery, you are still healing. It is possible that your scar feels bumpy and lumpy at this point. That is normal,please be patient and give yourself time to heal.

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Transcon bleph scar

the tissue behind your eyelid is conjunctiva. It is similar in consistency to the inside of your mouth. At 2.5 weeks the incision will be well healed but not yet a scar. You may have a gritty sensation, and very rarely there may be a little bleeding. Both these settle. If concerned your should schedule an appointment with your surgeon, I am certain he or she will reassure that all is ok, but worth a visit. My door is always open to any patient on whom I have operated. It is a privilege to operate on somebody.
Good luck!

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