Internal Nasal Valve Collapse

Had 2 Septoplasty and Inferior Turbinate Resections addressing night nasal breathing difficulties when in prone position. Left nostril still has significant difficulty in nasal breathing at night.New ENT indicated that sinuses are chronically dry from turbinate resections and that septum issue is not the reason for the current nasal obstruction. Indicating a nasal valve collapse and that any type of surgical intervention is not a cure guarantee. I've heard of some type of stenting to assist.HELP

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Problem breathing

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Sometimes breathing problems can not be completely resolved. But getting a second opinion may help determine the etiology.

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Internal Nasal Valve Collapse

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It sounds that the real problem has not been defined, is it the turbinates, is the internal or external nasal valve, are there any other factors. I would look for someone in your area that specializes in rhinoplasty, both cosmetically and functional. Usually a Facial Plastic Surgeon will have this kind of experience.

Best of luck


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Difficulty breathing

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You need a full airway evaluation by an ENT.

As for the valve problems, there are external and internal valves. surgery to support these valves can be done by either a spreader graft or alar graft.


The grafts are usually obtained from the septum, however the septum has been operated on and the spreader graft may need to be taken from the rib cartilage, the alar graft from the ear.

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