Internal Bra, Pocket Revision, Crease Made Higher?

I've had implants for 4 years and would like them downsized a LOT and the crease made higher. I have stretchmarks from the implants. I had no tissue before and the crease was created. I'm so embarrassed of my chest. Who is good for this? How much should I pay? Please help. I'm so scared of getting it wrong again and in what state my chest skin will look without the implants. Also, I really do not want and areola incision as I do not like the appearance. Any advise would be wonderful. Thank you

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Please send better pictures

There are different options based on the problem. Please send pictures for better evaluation.

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Internal Bra, Pocket Revision, Crease Made Higher?

There is not enough info here to offer advice, other than the best advice which is to have an in person consultation with a plastic surgeon. A photo would be helpful, along with a comment on what in particular you would like to see different.

If you remove an implant, or downside significantly, you may be left with excess skin, the only solution for which is a breast lift, which will require additional incisions on the breast. You will have to weigh the pros and cons, and that too can only be properly done with the participation of a plastic surgeon.

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