Why Do I Have Intermittant Numbness After Radiesse?

I had Lidocaine & Radiesse injections approx 2 weeks ago to the Cheeks and Folds around my mouth. Since then I have had intermittant numbness occur in my upper lip to the tip of my nose. It is not constant numbness, last anywhere from 20 mins to 3 hours then goes away. I have full muscle control, no visible signs of this numbness but why is it occuring and is there any possibility it will ever subside completely?

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Intermittent numbness after Radiesse in the cheeks

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This actually happened to me. I had Radiesse in the midface and nasolabial folds. The numbness on the right side of my upper lip lasted about 4 days followed by several days of intermittent worsening of the numbness and burning pain. I think what happened was the needle inadvertently injured the right infraobital nerve which provides sensation for the lip and nasal tip. Your body will heal the nerve and those sensations will eventually subside. Since the nerve does not innervate muscles, movement is not affected.

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