How soon after my Areola Reduction can I have a revision--what are my options?

I have small breasts (a 32b) but large areolas. I had an areola reduction on January 12 and in just one month my areolas have stretched back to their original size. I regret this more than anything because a) I wasted $3,000 and b) now I have scars and the right one is an odd shape--it has jagged edges and isn't perfectly round! They were big before the surgery, but at least they were round and symmetrical. How soon can I have a revision, and what are my options?

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Areolae always enlarge after this surgery and it is just a matter of how much

The challenge with areolar reduction is just what you describe. No matter how small your breasts and how small your areolar reduction, SOME size always returns. This is regardless of technique and whether we use a permanent or dissolvable suture. The temptation on part of doctors and patients is to perform a very aggressive reduction and make up for this, when in fact, this causes more recurrent stretching. I tell patients they may need a second procedure and usually this provides a more predictable result. Don't forget that this surgery also flattens your nipples more and more.

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