Not Interested in Surgery, but my 11 Year Old Has Large Breast. Can She Continue to Play Sports?

My daughter started her period when she was 9. Now at age 11, she is tall (5"6) and weighs 135. JUST TO CLARIFY, she is not overweight.... she was recently measured for correct bra size, and its a 32 D. She plays competitive basketball and is becoming discouraged because of how her breast hinder her running and jumping..... I know she is too young for surgery, but I just need some mental support I think to help me on how to help her. FRUSTRATED MOM!!!!!!!

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Playing Sports with Large Breasts

Thank you for your question, Mom.  I am sorry that you are frustrated with how to help your daughter.  

While playing sports, she should try wearing very supportive sports bras (sometimes patients wear 2 at a time for more support) -- this is usually very helpful to the patient.

Best wishes.

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Sports and Breast Hypertrophy

There should be no limitations to playing sports while having large breasts. If the breasts seem to be "getting in the way" when running and jumping, sometimes wearing multiple sports bras can help.

Thanks for your question! Hope this helps!


Gregory C. Park, M.D.

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