Interested in a Chin Implant & Removal of Some Fat in my Neck, but Had my Submandibular Gland Removed Due to Cancer?

Hi, 35yo female & I am interested in a chin implant & some neck fat removed. I am not overweight, just a small amount of fat in my neck. I have long face syndrome & a weak chin so I have been told an implant would help with my appearance. I also was a cancer patient 20 years ago & had my right side Submandibular Gland removed and have some numbness in my lip & chin area. Can the implant make the numbness worse & cause my right lip to droop? Should I have the fat snipped out or lipoed? I had post operative radiation therapy (right side neck + right side cheek area near my mouth/jaw) & then had scar tissue removed later in the same area that cancerous S. Gland was taken out. Does the neck rejuvenation consist of when the incision is made for the implant & a Dr. can also go in & snip out with a scissor some of the fat, would that be better, less invasive than Lipo? Thanks

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Neck fat removal and chin implant options

You should be able to have a chin implant placed along with neck fat removal. Liposuction is probably the more common approach to removing neck fat, but direct excision is sometimes done as well depending on the anatomy.

Chin implantation does have a risk of numbness though this is rarely permanent. Given your prior cancer surgery and radiation an examination would be a good way to proceed with assessing your best options.

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Chin implants after radiation

Thank you for your question.  Generally speaking you can have the chin implants and a neck rejuvenation procedure.  To answer a couple questions:


1.  The pre-existing numbness you have does not necessarily increase your risk of numbness but the history of radiation may in that the dissection to place the chin implant on your right side could be a bit complicated but there's no way to tell for sure.

2.  Regarding the lipo vs. trimming fat.  I really depends.  When I'm performing a submentoplasty I often will trim some fat if there is a focal area that would be improved.  Lipo in the neck often times isn't really about removing fat so much is it is about creating some fibrosis to tighten those areas of the neck.  

3.  Most likely the neck rejuvenation is through the same incision as the chin implant.  This is the submentoplasty I mentioned earlier.


Hope that helped.  Best of luck and seek multiple consultations.


Chase Lay, MD

Chase Lay, MD
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Chin Augmentation After Neck Radiation

It is unclear as to your exact neck tissue situation but there should be no problem with a chin implant. It will not cause any more numbness of the lip nor cause it to droop. Based on where your neck incisions are and where the excess neck fat is will determine whetehr liposuction or direct excision of fat is better.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Chin Augmentation and Liposuction in Neck After Submandibular Gland Removal

Your previous surgery should not be a contraindication to the procedures you desire - as long as it was "only" the salivary gland that was removed. In fact it may help in establishing a little more symmetry in your neck as you likely will have some hollowness under the jaw bone on the side of the cancer.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
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Chin and neck

Dear JM,

  Congratulation on you good outcome from your cancer operation. The chin implant procedure is straight forward with very low complication rate as long as it is being done by an experienced plastic surgeon. It is also important to choose the right implant. There are many implants out there and an experienced surgeon will be able to get the correct one for you. As far as the fat in the neck, if it is under the skin only and not under the platysma muscle, I would recommend liposuction. It is simple procedure in experienced hands and you do not need a drain. If ,however, the fat is also under the muscle, than I would recommend an open approach and remove the fat under direct vision. Please, be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

             All the best,

                                      Dr Widder

Shlomo Widder, MD
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Surgery after removal of sub maxillary gland,etc.

This can be done but I would need to see you to give a proper answer since it depends on how much fat , where it is, how thick etc. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Rejuvenation of neck

A chin implant can be placed with little chance of lip weakness or numbness in most cases even if there was prior submandibular surgery.  Was there post operative radiation therapy? Also, the neck rejuvenation will best by direct open treatment, and not liposuction.  The location of the nerves in that area will be more superficial than usual.  Go to a surgeon that is board-certified in Facial Plastics and ENT/ Head and Neck Surgery.  They will be familiar with the post-surgical anatomy.


Best wishes from Beverly Hills

David Alessi, MD
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