Intense Burning Under and Around Crease Incision, Constricted Breasts, is This Normal?

Hi Docs. Me again. I had tuberous constricted breasts and my PS had to lower my crease. 90% of my pain is under my incision. I can't use my abs at ALL... Is this normal? Will it eventually heal up? I was supposed to get a 'rapid recovery' but this is not rapid at all. However, my breasts look fantastic and I'm grateful I didn't get a lift or a double bubble. My incision is in the inframammary fold underneath.

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Intense burning after breast surgery

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This is fairly normal as long as you are happy with your boobs all pains will settle down in time. Take care .Good wishes.

Intense Burning Under and Around Crease Incision

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This does not sound unusual or alarming, especially since the fold was altered during your surgery. Best wishes for an uneventful recovery. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Crease Lowering and Crease Pain after

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  If the IMF is lowered for a constricted breast, the patient should experience more pain at the inferior aspect of the breast.  The incision was placed there as well. 

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