Will Insurance Cover a Tummy Tuck if It Includes a Hernia Repair?

I heard that in States the Treatment of Tummy tuck is taken care by the insurance company when you have the umblical hernia removed and the insurance covers the expenses other than the deductable and other stuff. please let me know. Does insurance takes care of TT when you have an umbilical hernia?

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Tummy tuck and insurance

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Insurance will only cover things that are medically necessary. If an umbilical hernia is medically necessary, that portion of the procedure will be covered under insurance. The rest which is more of an aesthetic concern, will not be covered by your insurance company. If you need to stay in the hospital overnight due to a hernia repair, this may be covered by insurance.

Tummy tuck is not generally a covered procedure of herani repi

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In general, the tummy tuck is not a covered proceudure and therefore it will most likely get denied if submitted as part of the over submitted bill.

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