Does Insurance Pay for V-Beam for Burns from Radiation Treatments?

I have burn scarring from radiation after breast cancer. Do most insurance companies pay for laser removal of these?

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Insurance payment for V beam is tricky

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Every insurance company has their own policy when it comes to unusual requests such as yours. Some will and others won't approve your request. Even if not approved you can appeal at least 2 times. The first appeal is usually within your corporate insurance carrier and the second appeal is from the state. This latter appeal is usually your best chance for success. The more symptoms that you have , and the more disfiguring or life altering your burn is the more likely you will win your case. Incidentally , I have had great success treating burns, scarring, or radiation dermatitis with the V beam and other lasers.

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Will Insurance Pay for V-Beam for Burns from Radiation Treatment?

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You would have to contact your insurance carrier. Include pictures and medical letters from your Radiation oncologist and from your dermatologist. Accurately describe your condition and then it is up to your insurance carrier to make this decision. If you have excellent documentation & keep records of all the names of the insurance reps, you stand a better chance. Some carriers will approve & others will not. Be persistent and include medical journal articles which document that Vbeam is helpful in similar cases will be very helpful. Providing the carrier with all of your organized knowledge & research will lead to a better outcome. Good luck.

David Colbert, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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