Will Insurance Pay to Repair my Nose That Was Rebuilt from a Car Accident 10 Years Ago?

I was in a bad car accident over 10 years ago and received a lot of trauma to my face. My nose was rebuilt with a couple surgeries and of course insurance covered it. I was tired of the surgeries and wanted to move on with my life after such trauma. Well, now I am a professional and when I see pictures of my nose it's terribly crooked. Will insurance pay for the final surgery to repair my nose or am I on my own?

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Will insurance cover a nasal injury from a car accident?

I would say that it really depends on your insurance company. In general, insurance companies will cover the functional aspect of surgery that will help improve your breathing.  Do you have breathing issues as well, or is the appearance of your nose the main concern? I would recommend contacting your insurance company and going from there. Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Nasal trauma after car accident and whether insurance will pay for it

I am not an attorney and am from Michigan where we have "no fault" insurance.  There may be a statute of limitations on whether or not the auto carrier will be willing to cover the reconstruction.  However, if you have health insurance your current carrier may cover the surgery if you are experiencing problems breathing, dry mouth, nose bleeds etc... from it.  I would ask your insurance carriers what their protocol is.

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Insurance coverage for revision rhinoplasty

You or your surgeon would need to contact your insurance company to see if they would cover any revision rhinoplasty surgery.  It's something that may or may not be covered, and your insurance company would make that decision.  

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