why would an insurance pay for a panniculectomy and not an abdominalplasty they r same?

why would an insurance pay for a panniculectomy and not an abdominalplasty are they not the same procedure? After having a gastric bypass would an insurance not pay for a panniculectomy (tummy tuck) after loosing all that weight?

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Panniculectomy is different from abdominoplasty

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A panniculectomy will only remove the excess skin and fat that is forming the apron of skin, and won't do anything for anything above this. This is why it is different from a tummy tuck. A panniculectomy (pannus removal) can sometimes be covered by insurance, however you should contact your provider to see if this is true for you. 


Insurance and abdominoplasty

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Insurance coverage is variable. each carrier has very specific criteria like documented rashes and open sores for a certain period of time, attempts at weight loss etc.. No insurance covers tightening of your core muscle (abdominoplasty).  Tummy tuck is mainly to improve shape and contour by plicating your core tight then re-draping the skin. Without the core tightening (muscle repair), its not a tummy tuck, but a panniculectomy (skin and fat resection). Massive weight loss almost always requires tightening of your core but if approved fro a panniculectomy only then core will not be tightend by PS.. See a board certified plastic surgeon.

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