Does Insurance Pay for a Plastic Surgeon to Remove a Mole?

A few weeks ago I went to a dermatologist to get two moles removed. He gave me two options (1. He scrapes it off, then cleans it with a lazer. (2. He sends me to a plastic surgeon and he or she will "dig" it out. So the first mole was removed by scraping off and then using the lazer. If I like the results we'll do the next one the same way. If I do not he will refer me to a plastic surgeon. I was wondering if insurance will pay for the mole removal by the plastic surgeon? or would I have to pay?

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Insurances often pay for Mole Removals when the mole is suspicious, changing or irritated.

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Most insurances don't pay for mole removals if only for cosmetic reasons but if the mole is suspicious or changing, then they usually do pay but your doc should send it in for a path report on the biopsy of the mole. They should also document in the chart if it was changing or irritated or growing quickly etc...  Most ave. sized moles are affordably remove for roughly $150-250 to shave (tangenially excised) or $250-350 each to excise and suture closed. The office visit is usually $85 and the path charge is roughly $50-75.  Sincerely,

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