Will Insurance Pay to Have Breast Implants Removed After Breast Cancer?

i had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction after breast cancer. i am unhappy and concerned with the safety. will insurance pay for the removal of the implants

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Insurance coverage for breast reconstruction

There is a federal law mandating that surgery for breast reconstruction after cancer be covered.  Since you have had cancer the removal of your implants should be covered.  This law also covers the opposite breast -  that is if one breast is removed due to cancer the other breast can be modified ( lifted, augmented or reduced) to match the reconstructed breast.  This law was signed into effect by Bill Clinton.  Despite this law having been in place for many years sometimes the insurance companies still need to be reminded of its existence.   As far as the safety of your implants the FDA has reviewed the safety issues regarding silicone implants and  deemed them safe.  That is why they were put back on the market.  I would discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and then make a decision as to removal .  There are also options for breast reconstruction utilizing only your own tissue that you might want to consider.

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Health Insurance and Coverage of Surgery?

I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with the breast reconstruction. Although you will have to check with their own specific insurance company, generally speaking the majority of  breast surgery  for breast cancer patients is covered by health insurances.

 Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breast reconstruction and implants

If you are unhappy with your breast reconstruction, your insurance company should be covering the removal of the implants.

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Breast Implant removal

They should. BUT check with your insurance company. Each company has it's own rules regarding what they cover and what they do not.

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Will Insurance Pay to Have Breast Implants Removed After Breast Cancer?

Assuming that the insurer paid for insertion, it is most likely that they will pay for the removal. Do check with you insurer--it may help to see your surgeon to begin the "pre-authorization" process. Your surgeon will also review the pros and cons with you.

Thanks and best wishes.

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