Insurance Coverage and Cost for Breast Implant Replacement?

Would it be feasible to have new implants? What would be a ballpark cost figure to do this? And would Medicare and my supplemental insurance (which is very good) be likely to approve the cost?

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Implant replacement

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Breast implants replacement is not covered by insurance. You will more than likely have to pay for this yourself.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implant replacement

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Dear Retiree

I would love to tell you that implant replacement is a covered expense but unfortunately it is not in most cases. In some cases Medicare may pay for an old ruptured implant, but would never pay for replacement or lift unless you had a mastectomy reconstruction following breast cancer.

If you had a breast augmentation and now want an implant exchange, be prepared to pay for the entire procedure out of pocket as well as the implants, anesthesia fee and OR fees.

Steven Schuster MD FACS

Not likely

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Insurance companies consider breast enhancement surgery an elective cosmetic procedure. Therefore, subsequent procedures like implant exchange procedures are also considered elective. Insurance companies will not pay for these operations. There is one exception, and that is that some insurance companies will pay for removal of older silicone breast implants but more than likely will not cover any new implants to be placed.

David Rankin, MD
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon
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Insurance does not cover breast implants

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Insurance will not cover implant removal and replacement for sure. Some insurance might cover implant related complications e.g. rupture, capsulectomy, etc..

If you had purchased the extra warranty related to your implant from the manufacturer, they will assign a certain amount of money towards your surgery. Hope that helps!

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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