Will Insurance Cover?

during my last pregnancy (#4) I had a muscle tear along my hip where old scar tissue from C-sections were (this ended up being my 4th c section) during my sons delivery the doctor repaired as best as she could but the area is weak, achy and painful at times and I feel a hard bulge and so am always fearful it will rip again. Would I possibly be eligible for my insurance (united healthcare) to cover a total muscle repair and I'm sure scar tissue removal? the affected area is affecting my lower back

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Repair of muscle tear

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If you have a ventral hernia or torn muscle, this would be covered by insurance. In all likelihood, they may require a diagnostic scan to establish medical necessity. However, keep in mind that the insurance company will not pay for a tummy tuck and that, if you desire to have cosmetic surgery performed simultaneously, you may find that the costs of anesthesia and hospital could be disallowed.

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