Does Insurance Cover Lipoma Removal? 20 on Each Arm, and a Lg One Near my Spine.

I have several "lumps" under the skin on my arms and legs most are firm and pea sized. I have one near my spine that has a shocking feeling when pressed on. I have not had a doctor tell me what they are because they just say "it is just a cyst". I can't help to think something is wrong, because I keep getting more. I need to know what I can do to get rid of these. I am overweight but Im concerned about loosing the weight because I don't want them to be seen. Any advise would be appriciated.

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Insurance and lipoma removal

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You need to see a surgeon and get a proper diagnosis to determine what surgical procedure if any would be suggested. If you do have lipomas "fatty tissue clusters under the skin" then they are removed via a small incision typically under local anesthesia in a proper operating facility. Yes insurance does typically pay for lipoma removal and this can be preauthorized prior to your procedure. The lipomas should all be sent in for pathology for proper diagnosis. I hope this is helpful and do see a surgeon for proper evaluation. Best regards!

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What is this?

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the lumps on your arms may be lipomas, which are clusters of fatty tissue with a thin capsule.  especially when they are small, they are not worrisome for cancer but may be annoying or bothersome with pain.  you would need to see a surgeon, most likely, to see about removal if that is what you are wanting to do.  the removals are generally straightforward and low risk, again, especially with smaller lesions, but due to the high number to remove, sedation in the operating room is advised for the procedure.

Stacey Whitehead, MD
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