No Insurance for Breast What?

i am 4'7" 220lbs (currently trying to lose 60 lbs). i am a size 46L. my back hurts and is out of alignment, i can't sleep on my back because my breasts cut off my air supply. they are so big i cant lift them to see the bottom and get rid of pimples myself, my fiancee does that. they rub together and chaff really bad. my bras keep breaking. My doctor wants me to get insurance to get a reduction but i have been denied for medicaid. i have no idea what to do. but something has to give.

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No insurance for breast reduction

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Your situation definitely demands both your loss of weight and reduction of your disproportionately large breasts. You can call your closest large hospital or medical school to see if there are plastic ssurgery residency programs that service patients like you. You can seek a consultation with a private plastic surgeon to see about something less than a full reduction, such as liposuction that might be possible, less costly, and done in series to deflate the volume of your breasts until your situation stabilizes. You can see if a local TV station might publicize your plight with the hopes that a plastic surgeon in your area offers to help you out.  Be sure to go with a board-certified plastic surgeon unless it is a supervised residency program. 

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Breast reduction

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It seems to me that you are doing all the right things. Ideally, you will be able to proceed with the breast reduction surgery once you are at or closer to your goal weight. This will potentially cut down risks associated with anesthesia etc.

It is clear that breast reduction surgery will be of benefit to you. Hopefully, you will be successful in obtaining health insurance that will cover the procedure for you. Otherwise, consider a savings account where you gradually save the finances necessary.

Regardless, make sure the operation is done by a board-certified, well experienced plastic surgeon to improve your odds of a successful outcome.

Best wishes.

Breast reduction without insurance

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Unfortunately we find more often insurance coverage denied for breast reduction. We have been able to make the surgery affordable as an office procedure to help those who have been denied, or otherwise might not have coverage.

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